All-in-One Cloud Services for Small & Growing Businesses

YonSuite Drives the Digital and Intelligent Development of Enterprises

YonSuite-Based on the native cloud architecture, we provide Small & Growing Enterprises with cloud services that integrate“Marketing, Manufacturing, Procurement, Finance, HR, OA, and Platform” to support global business operations and socialized businesses.

yonsuite Overview

Digital businesses break through the boundaries of enterprises, realize upstream and downstream transaction collaboration, resource sharing and data sharing, thereby improve the efficiency of the industry chain and reduce transaction costs.

With customer-centric, build an agile supply chain. Promote product innovations and realize intelligent manufacturing with C2M mode. Achieve high-quality online business operations at low-cost.

Cost-effective cloud management solutions support integration of HR, finance and materials, subsequently help enterprises manage their digital upgrades.

Realize simple and intelligent business collaboration, organization collaboration, team collaboration, and communication for everyone.

Open, integrated, and reciprocal industry resources linked with online partner services, data services, social services, and financial services.

Ecosystem Development based on the iUAP Platform

Realize the development integrated with iUAP 5.0. YonSuite build a powerful ecosystem for the mid-end market with the open operation platform.

New Design Based on Cloud-native Architecture

YonSuite helps enterprises in the entire development process from startup to global operation but also provides digital cloud services for growing global businesses.

Facts about yonsuite

Real-time, Online E-commerce and Digital Marketing to Terminals

Efficient channels, expanded customer end, maximized member value, efficient e-commerce

YonSuite | Anytime Anywhere

Multi-Terminal Role Workbench/Portal & Mobile Platform

Human-centric Online Digital Workbench

Yonyou Human Centric

YonSuite Designed for SME & Growing Enterprises


  • Support business transaction-driven automatic processes
  • loT connection-driven physical items and assets
  • Business-driven automatic posting
  • Switch between single organization and multi-organization
  • Facilitating continuous innovations and growth of SMEs


Support the global development of growing enterprises with :

  • Multiple accounting standards
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Multiple language centers
  • Cross-time zone applications


  • Support the business paradigms of the digital economy era
  • Socialized business network connection
  • Collaborative application of the industry chain


  • Support the integrated operation and management of personnel, finance, materials, and customers for SMEs & growing enterprises


  • Support intelligent and automatic processes
  • Improving business efficiency as well as automatic reconciliation and month-end automatic closing
  • Support embedding BI business intelligence and Al intelligent services in the process of enterprise transaction, production, operation, and management, to assist forecasting and decision-making


  • Customer-centric
  • Support mobile
  • VUI(Voice Interactive Interface)
  • AR/VR immersive human-computer interaction experience applications


  • Based on the cloud architecture of Yonyou Cloud with features of containerization, micro-services, and multi-tenant
  • Get the latest applications which do not require an upgrade, deployment, or lT operation or maintenance at low cost in real-time


  • Support ecological partners and enterprises to customize personalized applications in the cloud, develop native applications, and quickly promote and share research and development results through Yonyou Cloud Market
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