yonyou provides comprehensive solutions for global financial companies, including banking, investment banking, securities, asset management and other business types. yonyou’s integrated applications based on financial and trading systems, provides reports that meet the requirements of financial regulatory agencies (eg. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)) and the requirements of the FRR report, docking the background ERP system, to achieve one-stop management.


  • Establish a group financial accounting system to achieve group management and control.
  • Complete internal transaction reconciliation and collaboration quickly and accurately.
  • Meet the financial accounting requirements of the “Belt and Road” group companies.


  • Simplify the flow through the integration of business tax and tax tables
    Process to eliminate information silos.
  • Intelligent finance changes the financial management work model.


  • Timely, accurate and complete control of group companies.
  • Control the financial information of each company.
  • Through the integrated application of treasury, finance and taxation,
    Help enterprises control capital risks and tax risks.

yonyou Bank-Enterprise Direct Link

Through Bank-Enterprise Direct Link System, it has improve work efficiency, reduce the number of manual multiple entry operational risk, eliminating the previous two instructions process in financial system and online banking system, secure payment and more confidentiality! The enterprises do not need to log in to online banking, but only through their own financial systems can independently complete the tasks, i.e, bank account inquiry, transfer, remittance, payment of behalf of the wages, check the bills and other functions.

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