yonyou Construction Resource Planning

The Leading Construction Resource Planning (CRP) For Entire Project Life Cycle

yonyou construction software or construction resource planning (CRP) is a total solution designed to provide a comprehensive and flexible tool for clients to enhance collaboration, streamline operation workflow, lower operation cost, shorter project life cycle and higher quality project delivery.

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Construction Software Structure Overview

Yonyou always provide versatile and powerful solutions foe construction digitalization.

Key Benefits

Unified application platform for company/group

Efficient collaboration between different department

Integration between operation & finance

Improve cost allocation for different projects

Precise budget control

Real-time monitoring project progress

Ensure the safety & quality control on project site

Streamline documentation process

More effective internal and external communication

Make decisions with Business Intelligence (BI)


Empower enterprise to proactively manage contractual obligations and changes in contract specification.

•  Facilitate collaboration with relevant stakeholders for documentation preparation, contract status tracking and budget control
•  Auto-generate project profiles upon contract approval, avoid duplicate data input
•  Record and trace payment details based on contract information
•  Provide intuitively statistical tables



Promote consistency in managing subcontractors across functions, mitigates risk and improves productivity.
Key Features:

•  Provide convenience in maintaining subcon profiles, contract information and past project records
•  Allow seamless internal-external collaboration on one business process
•  Perform payment and claim submission on one integrated platform to reduce unnecessary time cost
• Protect sensitive internal business processes information through restricted authorization control on external personnel portal



Offer a clear view of assets summary for each project and detailed purchase or maintenance history for each asset.
Key Features:

•  Track the life cycle of assets by building Inventory&Asset profiles
•  Better regulate and allocate Inventory&Asset resources
•  Document assets usage associated with process flows for easy history query
•  Real-time updates of Inventory&Asset status and statistic reports for comprehensive control 



Simplify how you find, manage, share and secure your documents and drawing, helping improve data quality, increase your velocity and achieve operational excellent

•  A centralized platform to access drawings anytime/anywhere
•  Strict authorization control on drawing submission and action logs to avoid information mismatch
•  Robust construction document management
•  Construction document control



Provide comprehensive Safety, Quality, Environment, Defects and In Process Audit management through flexible digitalization tool.
Key Features:

•  Real-time communication between site and back office through mobile App, avoiding inconvenience of using laptop on site
•  Digitalization of all required site regulating documents, achieving paperless on-site management
•  View on-site pictures taken by phone directly on corresponding forms
•  Time saved on information transmission by using integrated knowledge center



Integrated With Finance & Human Resource

Seamless integration with back-end office to provide all around management

Reporting And
Analysis System

Project Reporting and Analysis help construction firms manage cash flow with close management of the entire collection process from invoice billing to payment trying with project work done. In addition, to standard reporting functionalities, yonyou construction resource planning solutions provides you presentable data through our visualization data tool. Embedded  table and charts enable you to easily create a visualized report without coding skills.

Human Capital & Admin
Management System

yonyou construction software solution consolidates HR & admin processes into a common global platform to unify manpower data, streamline processes and meet compliance with deep industry functionalities on Core HR, Payroll, Employee & Workers Management, Time & Attendance and Workforce Planning.

Financial Management

yonyou construction resource planning solution allows historical as well as forward-looking visibility into both financial and operational performance often leading to higher profit margin for construction firms. Robust finance processes and functionalities in Accounting, Fixed Assets, Cash Management, Budgeting and Enterprise Financial Reporting allowing people to work together more efficiently and utilize data insights to make critical financial decision.

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